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Confronting Refugee Injustice

 Confronting Refugee Injustice

Since January 2024, Inua Advocacy has managed 65 cases in various areas, including defilement, missing persons, corruption, assault, and other matters. We are currently addressing multiple cases involving human traffickers operating within the Dzaleka Refugee Camp. These traffickers have inflicted severe injuries and injustices on fellow refugees, yet they are often not held accountable for their actions.

Our Efforts:

15 Congolese Men: We are providing legal representation to 15 Congolese men unjustly incarcerated and wrongly tried by the Dowa Magistrate Court. This move seems orchestrated to protect the traffickers. We seek justice for them and hope for a swift resolution in the Lilongwe High Court.

Vulnerable Women: We are fighting for justice for women in Dzaleka who are facing unimaginable hardships and looking for funds to help others:

Deborah: Her husband was arrested and illegally deported from Malawi, leaving her with their five children. Subsequently, Deborah and her baby were detained by the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) for four months without charge. Despite a High Court order for her release, she was deported. We are pursuing legal action to bring Deborah back to Malawi and reunite her with the rest of her children.

Martha: She left home early one morning to check on her garden outside the camp and was later found dead, brutally assaulted. While the police are still investigating the case, her family is devastated and insecure as the perpetrator is still at large, potentially posing a threat to them. We are calling for thorough investigations and pressing authorities to bring the culprit to justice.

Belyse: Her husband went missing on January 29th, likely kidnapped. Despite identifying several suspects, the investigations have been slow, leaving Belyse and her family in fear. Recently, she was also attacked at home in Lilongwe and lost many things. We have engaged the Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) to push for proper investigations and to locate the missing man, while we continue to support her.

Esther: Her 15-year-old daughter was sexually assaulted by a police officer within Dzaleka Camp. The perpetrator tried to bribe Esther into silence, but she courageously reported the crime. While the UNHCR has secured a safe house for her daughter, the family remains at risk. We are seeking ways to ensure their safety while pursuing legal action against the perpetrator.

Swayivisi: Her cousin tragically passed away after giving birth and she assumed the responsibility of caring for the two children she left behind. Ubuntu pledged to provide milk for the newborn, but it falls short of meeting the infant’s needs, who consumes a tin every three days.  Consequently, as a single mother of two, with the sudden addition of three more dependents, Swayivisi struggles to afford additional milk when the supply is exhausted. 

These heartbreaking stories are just a glimpse of the cases we often handle. We are also involved, on multiple fronts, in the ongoing drive for refugee law reform to persuade the government to review laws that unjustly discriminate against refugees in Malawi.

Apart from legal advice and assistance, we frequently also support victims with urgent food and protection, particularly for those facing threats and intimidation. 

However, due to funding challenges, it has become increasingly difficult to provide these essential services. We are running out of funding and urgently need your support to continue our work.

Our Current Needs:

We need $39,600 to operate through December with the following breakdown:

  • $7,000 to support victims with urgent needs
  • $4,000 to maintain and fuel the office vehicle
  • $3,600 for rentals and stationery
  • $6,400 for awareness-raising through media, trainings, and conferences
  • $18,600 for staff salaries.

Your Support Matters

Your financial support is crucial. You can make a one-time gift or set up a standing order for regular donations.

Join us in advancing our cause:


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