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1 March 2024 / Read

A Glimpse into life at Dzaleka Refugee Camp

Life at Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi, remains challenging for most residents despite the unwavering support from various humanitarian organizations. While moments of triumph exist, the daily struggle for basic necessities paints a harsh reality for many. This article delves into some of the challenges faced by refugees, the glimmers of hope that exist, and how […]

6 April 2024 / Read

The impact of denied access to CTDs

The challenges faced by young refugees in Malawi, including the limited opportunities for them to build promising careers, reflect a universal struggle faced by displaced people around the world.  In Malawi, however, the story takes a particularly tragic turn. Despite occasional opportunities for education abroad, many are prevented from taking advantage of them because they […]

15 February 2024 / Read

Encampment policy effects manifest

For the past eight months since the forced relocation to Dzaleka Camp in May 2023, most refugees and asylum seekers have been returning to the towns and cities, underscoring the challenges of confinement. Over this period, people like Bahati Pascal, a Congolese refugee with an integrated family now living in the camp, have endured a […]