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Relevant articles and recorded TV appearances.

16 February 2024 “Refugees are tired of handoutsThe Nation

9 February 2024 “More Refugees preferring to return homeThe Nation

3 February 2024 “Change policies to benefit from refugeesThe Nation

31 January 2024 “Chitipa finally bows to Government move to accommodate refugees, asylum seekers in the districtNyasa Times

30 January 2024 “WFP ponders to halt refugees aidThe Nation

29 January 2024 “Protest held over increasing cost of livingMonitor Civicus

29 January 2024 “Under a Christian President, Malawi becomes a Dangerous Place for RefugeesReligion Unplugged

21 January 2024 “Refugees in Malawi returning to townships and trading centresMalawi24

20 January 2024 “Refugee Rights Group Raises Concerns over ‘Unsustainable’ ResettlementAfrica Brief

18 January 2024 “Malawi escalates its crackdown on refugeesFair Planet

17 January 2024 “Kabaza operators meet police over security issuesMalawi Nation

15 January 2024 “Government tipped on safeguarding rights of people in Malawi this yearMalawi24

13 January 2024 “Malawi backslides on democracySunday Times

28 December 2023 “Refugee body censure irks Human Rights WatchMalawi Nation

23 December 2023 “Malawi: what offence have rights activists committed?Development Diaries

22 December 2023 “Malawi government accused of undermining refugee rights in Dzaleka campBNN Breaking

22 December 2023 “Malawi: rights group expelled from refugee campHuman Rights Watch

5 December 2023 “Refugees denied external travelMalawi Nation

3 December 2023 “Mpepho Zinayi” (a debate on the economic participation of refugees in Malawi) Zodiak TV

7 November 2023 “Refugee rights violations reported to complaints commissionNyasa Times

5 November 2023 “Public dialogue on affairs of refugees and asylum seekers in MalawiZodiak TV

4 November 2023 “Government goes hard on refugee NGOTimes Malawi

28 October 2023 “Activists condemn Malawi’s refugees’ reportMalawi Nation

12 September 2023 “Malawi Police recover ammunition from containers confiscated from refugeesVoice of America

11 September 2023 “UN seeks probe on refugees syndicate reportsMalawi Nation

9 September 2023 “Crackdown on refugee ‘scam’Times Malawi

4 September 2023 “Corruption, killings, sexual abuse rock refugee resettlement scheme” Platform for Investigative Journalism

26 August 2023 “Refugees give up on confiscated containersTimes Malawi

26 August 2023 “Suspected Carbon Monoxide nearly kills 23 at Dzaleka refugee campNyasa Times

11 August 2023 “Return of the Youth League?Platform for Investigative Journalism

21 June 2023 “Malawi government called to review refugee lawsAfricaBrief

25 May 2023 “Police implicated in ‘theft’ of refugees’ propertyMalawi Nation

24 May 2023 “Hundreds of refugees in Malawi rounded up and sent to campsThe Guardian UK

19 May 2023 “Punished for parents’ ‘sins’Malawi Nation

6 April 2023 “Activists protest refugee relocationMalawi Nation