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Inua Advocacy

About us

Inua Advocacy is an independent civil society organisation that advocates for refugee rights in Malawi and beyond. Our vision is a world where no refugee is trapped in statelessness, and our mission is to ensure that all actors in refugee affairs are committed to promoting sustainable solutions that uphold human rights.

Refugees in Malawi do not have the right to work, own property, move freely, integrate or become citizens. This applies also to those who were born here from 1994 onwards, when Dzaleka camp was established. Confined to living in the refugee camp indefinitely, they must survive on monthly support from the World Food Programme (WFP), which is currently the equivalent of $ 5 per month per person.

We strive to see a healthy refugee policy developed and implemented in Malawi that focuses on self-reliance, participation and sustainability.

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.” Desmond Tutu

Watch a short video that will help you to better understand the context of our work.